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Odyssey Submarine- adventure tourist submarine in the ocean to a depth of 35 m, this is where you can witness the beauty of the sea without getting wet. Price discounts and booking please directly on the internet is "Odyssey Submarine" is the only tourist submarine in Indonesia, located in Labuan Amok Karangasem Bali. which take tourists to see the beauty in the sea sights trofis, a variety of ornamental fish, coral reefs and other marine life that exist. with the pilot and co-pilot were experienced having you walk around below the sea surface, for 45 minutes, which makes your holiday unforgettable moments forever in Bali
Inclusion Facility Submarine Odyssey package;
Hotel shuttle (Transport), 1 time dive with Odyssey Submarine, Barbeque Buffet lunch, Coffee, tea and mineral water, Dive sertificate, Insurance
Prices include;
Adult only: USD 60
Children (5-12 years): USD 40
Children (<5thn): USD USD 20
Family Package only: USD 200 (2 children and 2 adults 5-12thn)
facilities; Include with all the amenities listed above
Price Own Transport;
Adult: USD 55
Children (5-12): USD 35
Children (<4y): USD 15
2anak Family Package: USD 180(5-12thn) and 2 adults
facilities; 1x dive with Odyssey Submarine, Barbeque Buffet lunch, Coffee, tea and mineral water, Dive sertificate & Insurance
No price lunch;
Adult: USD 50
Children (5-12): USD 30
Children (<yr): USD 12
2 children Family Package: USD 160(5-12thn) and 2 adults
facilities; Hotel shuttle (Transport), 1x dive with Odyssey Submarine, Dive sertificate & Insurance
 Booking / reservations;
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"Odyssey booking conditions
* Price specially citizen. and a minimum booking for 2 people