One tourist elephant ride in Bali is in the village of Bakas, Banjarangkan Klungkung regency. While riding on the backs of elephants, you will be invited to walk along the river as well as a place Melangit rafting, across rice fields and enjoy the countryside. Pollution free area away from industrial areas enjoy your holiday with family, especially the children to be closer to the environment.
Wisata naik gajah / elephant riding di Bali

Tourist sites in the village Bakas elephant ride is known as the Bakas Elephant Tour, at this venue many tourist attractions such as whitewater rafting, cycling and also ATV ride. You could be taking your time to enjoy this adventure, add a lot of options for holiday tourism activities in Bali. If you drive by car to the location it took 1.5 hour from the airport.
Wisata naik gajah di Bakas Bali