Bali SPA Treatment

Bali Spa Treatment
Love it , when you go home to the hotel or to return home after playing water sport in Bali with our without enjoying a spa treatment .Your body is tired , tired , your muscles will feel stiff , especially after protecting the skin with sun block during the play under the hot sun , will leave stains and dirt on your body as well as skin color becomes dull . Of course all of this needs to be refreshed again so that the body feels fresh , clean and natural shine .We offer a package Bali Spa Treatment :

Bali Spa Package
Indulge yourself during your vacation in Bali to enjoy a spa treatment for 2 hours with a foot wash consisting of flowers and washed with saline so that the skin of your feet smooth and not cracked . Massage to loosen stiff muscles and increase blood flow and relieve fatigue and stress . Body scrub to remove stains and dirt in order to clean the skin . Body milk is milk bath to keep skin clean , glowing and smooth . Flower bath or shower flowers so fragrant and fresh body . Topped with suguhin gingger tea for the body feels warm and fresh .
Balinese Massage Package
Enjoy a massage treatment for 2 hours with a foot massage , back and body massage to loosen stiff muscles , increase blood circulation , relieve fatigue and stress due to daily routine ends with a warm drink gingger treat tea as a health drink .
2 hours to enjoy the spa was quickly passed because our experienced therapists make you enjoy the Bali Spa Treatment . Do not miss a discount offer if booking via the Internet and treat and care of your body with our spa .Bali Spa Treatment Duration : 2 hours 

Publish US $ 65 
Bali Spa Package 2 hours : 
- Aromatic foot wash
- Balinese Massage 1 hour
- Body Scrub
- Body Polish
- Body Lotion
- Aromatic Flower Bath
- Ginger Tea 
Online Price :Bali Spa Package : US $ 35 ( IDR 350.000 )
( * ) Prices publish a sale price if booking at the spa .Free Transfers :

Free pickup for a minimum number of participants 2 area of ​​Kuta , Seminyak , Legian , Kuta, Nusa Dua , Jimbaran .
The number of participants will be charged 1 person roundtrip shuttle service US $ 10

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